Prolific Analytics is an advanced analytical Service provider. Prolific Analytics has very specific analytics solutions for modern Business. Prolific Analytics has youth and very dynamic team who are always involved to develop the interaction between modern Business and Artificial Intelligence. PEX is the flagship product of Prolific Analytics Which is an Omni channeled based Customer Experience Management System. It has four powerful features like Customer Experience, Product Experience, Brand Experience, and Employee Experience. All the four features are having Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Solutions. Other Solutions Prolific Analytics offers are PAI & PBI. PAI is a Powerful Artificial Intelligence Engine which can perform in an integrated manner as well as it serves the purpose of the user nicely as a standalone service. PAI users get the freedom to play with data from different sources and formats. PBI is the solution for Modern Business where this Prolific Business Intelligence can be integrated with any type of Business Solutions or even it can work fine with data from Excel. PBI helps the Management to take the right decision in time to uplift the Business. Both PAI & PBI is powered with a continual enriched artificial Intelligence where Team Prolific is enriching it consistently. Finally, it can be said Prolific Analytics has come up with a vision to contribute in Modern Business transformation to the next level.


To empower consumers and brands with powerful tools to enhance the continuous need forimprovement in customer experience.


Prolific Analytics dreams to be the largest analytics firm for the modern world.